This Last Adventure

Archie Reese’s fondest memories are of sharing stories with his grandfather. So when Raymond Reese is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, 13-year-old Archie desperately turns to stories to save him. Using his grandfather’s old journal entries, he creates shared fantasies with epic quests for them to tackle together. Dragons, pirates, raging infernos, and more – all to remind Raymond Reese of the hero he was and bring back his fading memories.

But the biggest monsters lurk in the real world, and so far they’re winning. Archie tries to help Mom cope with what’s happening, but just makes things worse. School wants to know about his plans for the future, but he doesn’t have a clue what he wants to be. Then there’s the question he can’t keep ignoring – are these fantasies the key to saving Grandpa, or just a distraction?

If Archie’s going to become the hero of his own story, he must embark on the most epic quest of all – finding the courage to face the real world.

THIS LAST ADVENTURE has been described as Big Fish meets Tuesdays with Morrie for kids.

Book categories: MG Contemporary