The day has arrived! Now you can take your first step toward meeting Archie and his family and sharing the adventure alongside them. This is my most personal novel yet, and I’m truly excited for you to read it.

You’ve seen the cover. You’ve read the book jacket. Now have a look at This Last Adventure’s brand new trailer!

Now, what about preorder rewards? For this book release, I’ve decided to focus on offering rewards mainly to educators. If you’re a teacher or librarian (whether at a public or private school or at home), or a librarian, and you choose to preorder THIS LAST ADVENTURE, I will offer a free fifteen-minute Zoom/Skype Q&A session with a class of your choice. Also, if you’re part of a book club, if you preorder I will also make the same Q&A session offer available to your book club.

I know that for many, times are tough and money can be tight. So if any teacher/librarian cannot afford to preorder THIS LAST ADVENTURE, you’ll receive the same reward if you simply request it from your local library. Authors love libraries, and if they receive requests for a book, it can dramatically increase their incentive to order copies for their shelves. So even if funds are tight, you and your students can help support the book release AND have a fun bookish experience.

So, how do you submit proof of preorder or library request and receive the reward? We’re going to keep it to a super simple honor system. Just email me at [email protected] and let me know that you’ve preordered or library-requested THIS LAST ADVENTURE, and the 15-minute Q&A is all yours.

Looking for suggestions for where to preorder? I’ve included preorder links below, and would be eternally grateful if you’re able to preorder from indie bookstores that work so hard to support authors.

Preorder from Changing Hands
Preorder from Main Street Books
Preorder from Mysterious Galaxy
Preorder from Poisoned Pen
Preorder from
Preorder from Barnes & Noble
Preorder from Amazon

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