Buy My Friend’s Book or Be Locked In a Pyramid Forever!

Why hello! Thank you for coming to visit me voluntarily and without any threatening or coercion whatsoever. You won’t be sorry because I’m going to tell you about a book that you should read. Not only is it a super cool premise, but it’s written by a super cool person.

Katie Teller’s new novel Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh debuts today, and you can buy it on Amazon and Kobo! Here are some links, which you should follow if you want to receive full credit and avoid the aforementioned pyramid lock-up. I would, as a courtesy, enclose you within your eternal tomb with a few favorite belongings and a month’s supply of bacon and egg biscuits, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. You don’t want to follow the path of any pharaohs, I’d imagine, and while pyramids are awesome to look at, they’re not exactly air conditioned. Anyway, here are the links:

Katie’s post about the release and blog hop. You can still sign up!

Goodreads page for Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh

Kiya’s Amazon Page

Kiya’s Kobo Page

Kiya’s Book Trailer

2 thoughts on “Buy My Friend’s Book or Be Locked In a Pyramid Forever!

  1. katieteller

    Wow! Thank you Ryan! This is awesome 🙂 I got a good giggle while reading.


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