Official Announcement – My New Book Deal!


That word has been going through my head a lot these past few weeks! Wow because of how quickly the writing journey can change. Wow because the journey just got a lot more awesome and exciting, and I can’t wait to share every step with all of you. I’ve been talking about the news over social media for a couple days now, but here’s my big announcement OFFICIALLY.

Last week, I signed a contract with Jolly Fish Press to publish my teen sci-fi series! The first book, titled THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING, is due to be released this fall, and will be followed by two sequels. The team at Jolly Fish has already been a dream to work with, and I’m so excited to be partnered with them.

There will be lots more news to share as the publication date draws closer. For now, I want to thank everyone in the writing community who’s given such amazing moral support, and helped me grow and improve as a writer. There’s a little piece of all of you in these books, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

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